Governor signs Pavlov bills updating sex offender registry


LANSING—Gov. Rick Snyder today signed legislation that will bring the state into compliance with the federal Adam Walsh Child Protection Act, said bill sponsor Sen. Phil Pavlov.

The new laws will require the most dangerous sex offenders to register with the state every three months.

“That’s a very important provision to ensure our residents are aware of who these dangerous people are and where they are living,” said Pavlov, R-St. Clair Township. “But just as important, these measures enable people to petition the courts if they are wrongfully on the registry list.”

Public Acts 18 and 19, sponsored by Pavlov, and PA 17, sponsored by Sen. Rick Jones, will help ensure that crime prevention in the state is properly funded.

“These laws will allow our state police to receive federal funds to run our sex offender registry,” Pavlov said. “This means adequate protection and safer neighborhoods.”

Editor’s note: The above photograph of Sen. Pavlov at the bill signing with Gov. Snyder and members of the state police is available by clicking on the image. The photo and audio of Pavlov discussing the legislation are available at the senator’s website: (Photowire and Podcast links).