Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Cutting Red Tape

Cutting government red tape is crucial to getting Michigan back on solid economic footing. The private sector creates jobs and government should get out of the way and let that happen.

I helped sponsor a package of bills that cut the red tape of burdensome, redundant, regulations on employers. The bills require government regulators to adapt common sense tests on any proposed rules and compare Michigan's standards with nearby states.

A key measure prohibits the state from setting rules that are more stringent than federal rules. This will keep agencies from overregulating on their own, unless the legislature puts the more stringent standard into law. It also allows for discussion and debate of the rules with input from citizens.

For example, earlier this year, we put a stop to excessive ergonomic regulations that could have cost our job providers $500 million. In today's competitive business climate we need to foster a climate of growth to attract new businesses while ensuring responsible regulations to protect our citizens and our valuable resources.

Studies show that businesses looking to relocate consider the ease of permitting and regulatory procedures second only to the availability of desired workforce skills. These bills are an important signal to employers that Michigan values them and wants them here.