Michigan Firearms Freedom Act

MI Firearms Freedom Act

Dear Michigander:

In response to national threats against our second amendment rights, I have introduced Senate Bill 15 in the Michigan Senate to create the Michigan Firearms Freedom Act.

Our citizens have a right to protect themselves in their own homes and communities. Sadly, recent proposals by President Obama would do little to address those concerns while weakening our Constitutional right to bear arms.

The Firearms Freedom Act, if passed into law, would send a clear message to Washington that the people of Michigan – not the federal government – will decide their own destiny. The act would reaffirm Michigan’s right to regulate intrastate commerce, and clarify that firearms, firearm accessories, and ammunition produced, bought, and sold in Michigan will not be subject to federal overreach that would seek to impose new regulations and onerous mandates on states. This is not just a second amendment issue; it is also imperative that we rightfully defend our state’s sovereignty as guaranteed in the tenth amendment.

Today, I am proud to stand with hardworking, law abiding Michiganders who rightfully own a gun. I hope you will join me in sending a message to the President and Congress that Michigan will defend what belongs to her.

Moving forward, we will engage in a serious conversation about real solutions that keep our communities safe without diminishing the integrity of our Constitution.

Phil Pavlov
Phil Pavlov
State Senator
District 25