Pavlov and Price challenge legislators to read to 1,000 students

LANSING—State Sen. Phil Pavlov and Rep. Amanda Price on Thursday called on their colleagues in the Senate and House with a challenge to read to 1,000 students in honor of March is Reading Month.

“A lifelong love of reading is essential for a balanced and successful life, and fostering this love in students at a young age leads to greater achievements at all levels of their education,” said Pavlov, R-St. Clair Township. “It is a great joy to go into the classroom and read to kids. I look forward to visiting schools again over the next several weeks, and I urge my fellow lawmakers to take up the challenge as well.”

Legislators are challenged to visit local schools and read to at least 1,000 students to promote the annual March is Reading Month and to pass along a love for learning to Michigan’s youngest residents. If each lawmaker completes the challenge, a total of 148,000 students could be read to during the 31-day period.

“It’s vital to begin building a strong learning foundation at a young age,” said Price, R-Park Township. “Reading to children early in life and encouraging them to become active readers will help build that foundation and give students the tools they need to succeed in their educational endeavors.”

About one in six children who are not reading proficiently by the end of third grade do not graduate from high school on time, a rate four times greater than that for proficient readers. Encouraging students to read and teaching the basics of language is a vital step on the path to a brighter Michigan future.

Gov. Rick Snyder emphasized the importance of focusing on reading proficiency by the third grade in his State of the State address, and Pavlov and Price said this is a wonderful opportunity to help guide students toward that goal.

Educators who would like to schedule a time for Pavlov to read to students can call toll free at (866) 305-2125 or via email at Price’s office can be reached toll free at (888) 238-1008 or by email at

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