Pavlov Statement on Fifth Planned Parenthood Video

The following is a statement from Senator Phil Pavlov:

“The latest undercover video of Planned Parenthood officials and clinic staff laughing as they sort through the remains of ‘cadavers’ – infants who have died at their hands- is gut-wrenching.

“It also contains an apparent admission by a senior Planned Parenthood official that the organization illegally alters abortion methods to obtain parts for sale and uses accounting gimmicks and shifting ‘line items’ to hide the illegal sale of body parts as part of a ‘diversification of the revenue stream.’

“These undercover videos have depicted likely illegal activity in Texas, Colorado and California, but warrant attention from regulating agencies in every state. Michigan residents deserve to know whether these atrocities are being committed in our own state.

“The request I issued to the Michigan Departments of Health and Human Services and Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to exercise the state’s proper oversight powers to ensure legal and human rights violations are not happening at Planned Parenthood facilities in Michigan – and if they are, that the women and infants being victimized receive justice – becomes more relevant and appropriate with each new video, and I am anxious to review their findings.”