Trust fund recommends $2.85 million for New Baltimore to purchase the Schmid Marina

Sen. Phil Pavlov

Sen. Phil Pavlov

LANSING, Mich. — The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF) recommended several projects on Wednesday allocating more than $28 million for natural resources improvement projects in Macomb County and across the state, said Sen. Phil Pavlov, R-St. Clair Township.

The trust fund is supported by interest earned on funds generated from the development of state-owned mineral rights. The money in the fund is constitutionally restricted for natural resources improvements and land acquisitions.

If approved by the Legislature, the city of New Baltimore will receive $2.85 million to purchase the Schmid Marina. New Baltimore was recently selected as a recipient of technical planning and development resources for a study concerning small harbor management through the Office of the Great Lakes. Through this study, the Schmid Marina Property was selected because of the potential to develop public recreation areas.

“Schmid Marina enables residents to enjoy all that Lake St. Clair has to offer,” Pavlov said. “I am thrilled the Natural Resources Trust Fund has recommended this grant. The fund helps make Michigan the place we love to call home. Improving parks and recreational resources not only enriches our quality of life, but also attracts job providers and helps strengthen our economy.”

New Baltimore Mayor John Dupray said he was excited about the announcement.

“The opportunity to have Schmid Marina be put in public recreational access and use in perpetuity is a game changer for the Southeastern Michigan community,” Dupray said. “This long-held private jewel will afford Michigan residents the opportunity to access some of the most prominent bass fishing, boating, and natural habitat for fish and wildlife in the state of Michigan. This is a tremendous win for the community of New Baltimore.”

The MNRTF made the right decision, said Rep. Andrea LaFontaine, R-Columbus Township.

“The NRTF provides a tremendous amount of opportunities to improve communities across the entire state, and I am glad they have recommended that the city of New Baltimore receive this grant for the Schmid Marina project,” LaFontaine said. “The marina enriches the lives of countless Thumb residents. I am thankful the Natural Resources Trust Fund included Schmid Marina among their project funding.”